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Vrh A - Awesome Demon EN

Devil’s Why Sub Tilia - Why                            Foto Veronika Tvrdá

OCD neg.
CEA/PRA, glaucoma neg. 2017
Obedience: OB-Z, OB1, OB2, OB3
National Championship CZ Obedience 2014 - OB1 - 2nd place. She is starting in OB 3 now.

The only one daughter of legendary CZ FIN OBCh. Andromeda Sub Tilia

My Free Man van de Hartenhoeve - Jim
jim.ht9.jpg jim.ht10.jpg

HD A, ED A, OCD neg., patella and spondylosis neg.
CEA/PRA, glaucoma neg. 2017
CEA/RD/PPM neg. at 6 weeks
DNA CEA, CL, TNS, MDR1, IGS, MH normal

Obedience: OB-Z, OB1, OB2, OB3, CACT, res.CACT
Agility: LA1, LA2
Dogdancing: MOD1 (MD1, HTM1, F1, DwD1),
HTM2, MD2, DwD2
Sport cynology: ZZO, BH, ZOP, ZZO1, Upr1, Upr2
Herding: ZVOP
Coursing license
National Championship CZ Obedience 2017 - OB3 - 3rd place
Dog of the Year BCCCZ 2015: 3rd place

Dog of the year BCCCZ 2017: 1st place in versatile dog, 2nd place in obedience, 2nd place in dogdancing, 3rd place in coursing
Club working champion BCCCZ 
fullfiled the conditions for the Club obedience champion

Both are of balanced, non conflicting character, quick and up for any action. Jim absolutely excited me by his fantastic nature. It is a prerequisite for temperamental puppies suitable for various sports.
Interested parties can contact me at bessulka@seznam.cz

Date of mating 20. and 21.3.18